Important SEO trends of 2019: A Definitive List

SEO is something that is constantly evolving with the pace of time. In 2019, the concept of search engine optimization has instead of automating search engine technology is focusing much on human interaction. According to the Toronto SEO, most of the successful businesses are now playing along with the new changes. Needless, to say, change is the only constant in search engine optimization.

If you want your business to rule in the hearts of search engines, it is axiomatic that you stay well-versed with the latest trends of SEO. Here are the few game-changing trends of SEO you need to implement to rank your business online.

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Start with User-Intent Optimization

If any business fails to reach its target audience, it is dead. And to hide a dead body, a marketer doesn’t need to travel the mountains; a search engine’s second page seems to be a perfect place! Of course, you don’t want the same thing to happen. In order to survive the cutthroat competition, focus on your user-intent. Knowing your audience in 2019 is imperative. So, make sure to add all the aspects of tastes and interest of your niche audience to top the SERPs. To achieve the feat, do the keywords research with utmost precision and accuracy.


Go with Featured Snippet

Are you still not well-acquainted with featured snippets? Better get started. It is perhaps a paragraph excerpt positioned above the listing on SERPs. Technically, the spot is known as ‘position zero’. Ranking the business on the very first page is apparently a bit 2018. Precisely, spot zero is the new one. To get featured over here, you need to work a little extra than standard SEO tactics. Hire one of the Toronto SEO, to get it done for you.

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Staying Abreast with Breadcrumbs

Remember the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel? If so then, of course, you seem to know how pieces of bread crumbs became an evil necessary for them. In 2019 too, breadcrumb can be an imperative tool if used properly. It is basically a useful trail that you can incorporate to help the users track their path of web pages seamlessly. Furthermore, it also paves way for the search engine bots to stay well versed with your website hierarchy.

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Concentrate on Technical SEO

To sustain your online business in 2019 and beyond, start investing in the aspects of technical SEO. Start with speed to make SEO tactics work at their best. Secondly, focus on JavaScript as majority of your competitors’ websites will be scribbled with the same. So, stay ahead of them, rock the technical SEO to the core.


Curate Bespoke Content

If content is the king of the 21st century, SEO is undoubtedly the queen and both of them when merge together happens to rule the online kingdom most effectively. You need to blend content and SEO tactics seamlessly to keep the users happy. For doing so, take the aid of the Toronto SEO. The in-house professional writers will offer you unique content that will click the audience within a few seconds read. Moreover, an expert SEO Calgary analyst will come up with the competitive and result yielding keywords to rank the business matching the user-intent.

Take note of all these points and get hold of one of the Toronto SEO to deploy the latest trends of SEO in your business.